Rediscovering; Reimagining; Reinventing Narrative

HC recon

Re:Conception is a collaborative theatre company with a passionate focus on inventive thought and artistic innovation. Using a multi-disciplined creative process, we aim to produce new and highly original performances that are simultaneously challenging and entertaining. Through the embodiment of a wide range of subject matters, styles and genres, our company aspires to create performances that inspire, reflect, and ask questions of their audiences.  

Mission Statement


Re:Conception’s work is motivated by the collaborative examination of weighty, complex, and often quite dark themes.  We believe theatre can be used to ask difficult questions of the world around us – and that asking these questions is more important than providing answers.  We do not have one particular format or style of working: we strongly believe that these are dependent on the issues under discussion, and that theatre-making is a process of discovering the best way to examine or communicate a particular concept.


Re:Conception challenges its members to expand their abilities, skills, and experiences, to grow and develop as artists and people, and to pursue their ambitions with fervour.  We are keen to work with emerging talent from the Oxfordshire area, to contribute to the vibrant local performance community, and to create significant and meaningful performances to be taken to a national audience.


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