Rediscovering; Reimagining; Reinventing Narrative

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Re:Con Re:Search

Re:Con Re:Search produce performances as part of Director Russell Anderson's PhD programme at Oxford Brookes University.  Titled 'Audience-controlled narratives: developing a new interactive methodology', the programme is a practice-based project investigating means and methods of giving control of the story to the audience.


In order to do this, a series of experimental performances were produced, culminating in The Mindspace - a brand now form of interactive theatre, which gave co-creative control of the developing story to the audience.


Previous productions



Woyzeck: a hyperdrama, Oxford Brookes University, April 2014




Woyzeck: an interactive play, Oxford Brookes University, November 2014




Forum Theatre, Pegasus Theatre & Oxford Brookes University, May & September 2015




The Mindspace, Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Oxford Brookes University, August - October 2016

For further information, please contact Russell Anderson or visit the Playing at Plays blog.